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The graduation requirement for the master degree is 24 credits, including 6 credits of the required courses, 6 credits from the thesis, 2 credits from the required in different area, and electives selected by students according to their major, academic research topic, and personal interest. Required courses: Public Policy, Research Methodology (I) and Biostatistics (I), the Introduction to Social Welfare (required for students in medical and health policy), the Introduction to Public Health ( required for students in social welfare).

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 國立陽明交通大學衛生福利研究所 培養具有人文素養,社會關懷與國際視野的衛生福利政策專業人才 。發展衛生福利整合、政策倡導與實踐能力之專業領域、人才培育,服務社會。